Metallurgical Metaphors in the Hebrew Bible

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Metals played a key role in the development of the ancient civilizations in the Near East. This importance is reflected in the use of metals and their processing in metaphoric language.

This study analyses the biblical metallurgical metaphors, clarifies terminology and the technical issues. The metaphors range from simple, one sentence constructions to complicated designs, encompassing a whole chapter. An example of the latter is Job 28 containing a complex source domain, including location of resources, mining, metallurgical processing and implied trading — and an equally intricate target domain, relating to wisdom. A key factor of metaphor is the tension between the source and target domains, which focuses attention and initiates relexion on the targeted topic.

The metallurgical developments, on which these metaphors are based, were not isolated but occurred in intricate networks of material trading and exchange of technical know-how as clarified in a review of Near Eastern archaeometallurgy.